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Professional Ear Wax Removal Service

We specialise in wax removal and ear care

Ear Care Solutions are offering a private ear irrigation service (formerly known as ear syringing), at the retail village located in The Plassey, Eyton, Nr Wrexham. As many GP surgeries no longer offer this service we accept self referrals from far and wide. We currently have clients from Shropshire, North Wales, Mold and Flintshire and Cheshire. No GP referral necessary.

A free (no-obligation) consultation and assessment is offered to all, to establish whether this treatment is suitable for the individual.

At Ear Care Solutions we use the latest Guardian Projet 101 irrigation unit, produced by Albert Waeschle. This is a controlled, pulsed, water jet system and is considered much safer than the old fashioned Alexander Reiner syringe system (which became obsolete several years ago).


Is this a suitable treatment for you?

Contra-indications to ear irrigation include:

  • History of any ear surgery (except grommets which have extruded in the previous 18 months)
  • A perforation or history of mucous discharge in the last year
  • Cleft palate (repaired or not)
  • History of middle ear infection in the last 6 weeks
  • An acute ear infection with pain and tenderness
  • Had complications following the procedure in the past

If any of the above apply to you then please feel free to call 07946 231051 for further advice.

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